Sissification Hypnosis

Sissification Hypnosis and its Use

Do you have an idea about sissification hypnosis? Well, this has something to do with men like you who wish to be the sissy they desire to be and should be forced to be. It is a form of forced fem hypnosis designed by hypno domme to assist sissification of men who want to know how to move act and become sissyfied in a more feminine way. Those desiring to be sissy men use this as a very important aspect of the entire forced sissification feminization procedure.
There are some of them who practice this type of hypnosis as they want to adopt and learn more mannerisms of women, habits as well as thought processes even though they are not eager to pursue gender reassignment. This technique will give utmost help to all sissy men like you who want to behave and act like women unconsciously and automatically.
Men undergoing hypnotic forced feminzation hypnosis usually believe that they must be recognized as females although they are masculine in the physical aspect. Most of them fulfill their sissification preference by undergoing the process of femization hypnosis. However, not all sissys are determined to change their genders physically and completely. It is because some are already satisfied in exposing themselves claiming they are women and prefer to retain some masculine physical qualities they have. Most sissy men like you would like to act, think or experience how to be a woman, so they pursue transforming their gender deeply and emotionally with forced sissification hypnosis.





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Specialists believe that men think or feel something in a completely different manner. These differences will contribute on the dissimilarities in terms of mannerisms, behaviors and beliefs between these 2 genders. Transgender and transsexual men who want to appear and act in a more feminine way may realize that presenting themselves as women is not good enough to make them look feminine.
Most transgender and transsexual men opt to hormone therapy and surgical sex reassignment so that they will become women physically. even with exstensive medical treatment they usually cannot conceal and remove the masculine mannerisms habits, thought patterns and beliefs that were already established for years.
Sissification hypnosis usually replaces those manly mannerisms, thoughts and beliefs with those that are usual in women. This form of fem domme hypnosis has the ability that it can access your unconscious mind to insert sissified hypnotic suggestions which will help you think, act and behave like a woman with no conscious effort. Sissification hypnosis can be used by all male sissys in training to be sissifed and force feminized to truley become the sissy they desire to be. Therefore, this process will be very helpful to all sissys and their dommes.




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